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  • Color Coded Appointments
  • High-resolution Graphic Display
  • Customize Appointment Styles
  • Full Day or Week Views
  • Single or Multiple Providers
  • Statistical Reports by Provider
  • Customizable Fee Slip
  • Multi-site capable
  • Works with Eclipse
  • Stand Alone Version available
  • 6 Months limited free support


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  • Electronic Signature Capture
  • Counter Top LCD Sign Pad
  • Signature Date & Time Stamped
  • Paper less Encrypted Storage
  • Instant Recall by Patient
  • Legally Recognized
  • Several Styles to choose From
  • Stand Alone or Integrated
  • Interfaces with Scheduler
  • Stand Alone available
  • 6 months limited free support

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  • Approved by Blue Cross®
  • For Direct Billing to Blue Cross
  • Simple to Set up
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Instant Acknowledgement
  • Single or Multiple Entities
  • Requires Phone Modem
  • 30 Day Free Trial
  • Works with Eclipse®  or any other 

       Medical software that outputs a file

       for direct claims submission.

  • 6 Months limited free support


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Visual Scheduler has been designed to   enhance Eclipse. ™ It gives the
end user a practical solution to the Patient scheduling problem.

It represents years of dedicated hard work and provides a product that is
easy to learn, simple to use, very informative, and integrates itself into Eclipse™.  

Visual Scheduler is the ultimate in patient scheduling for Eclipse.™

Electronic signatures are the answer to the clipboard or sticky label system of gathering patient's signatures.

Similar to the credit card sign pad, the system is widely accepted. It is safe and secure. The signature is encrypted and date and time stamped.Recalling is a matter of few mouse clicks.

Paper less storage of the future is here today.

If you want to direct bill BlueCross or
BlueShield you will need this program.

Very easy to set up. Can use multiple

service providers for billing.

Takes your ANSI file and sends it to

BlueCross/BlueShield for processing. Acknowledges receipt and errors.

30 day free trial. here>>



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