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  • Very Professional
  • Paper less Storage
  • Instant Retrieval
  • Highly Secure
  • Tamper Proof
  • Date & Time
  • Legal Acceptance
  • Electronic Portability
  • Can be used as  
    stand alone

      or interfaced to






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 Visual Sign-In is the software answer to
     the clumsy counter top sign-in clipboard
     or those sticky back strips.

    Electronic signatures are secure and safe
    from tampering. They are encrypted and
    date and time stamped. All signatures are
    stored into an "E-file" for fast retrieval.

    They are secure because altering the file
    will invalidate the signature and it will not


    Signatures captured on the TOPAZ Pads
    have Legal precedence. These pads are

    used in  many industries.

    For example:

  • Medical
  • Government
  • Insurance Banking
  • ID / Security
  • Retail / Point of Sale





Set Up File



The Visual Sign-In software program was
    developed with Eclipse users in mind.


Combined with our Scheduler, both the
    appointments and signatures are  stored
    into Eclipse™ for instant recall.


Signatures can be printed out for any

single day or group of appointments
    that are selected from a date range,

in a matter of seconds.


By taking advantage of technology you

will save time, labor, and money.





Most Asked Question


Question: What about showing patient names for appointments?


Answer: This is known as incidental disclosure.

Department of Health and Human Services states :


Incidental Use and Disclosure -(August 9, 2002) The final Rule acknowledges that uses or disclosures that are incidental to an otherwise permitted use or disclosure may occur. Such incidental uses or disclosures are not considered a violation of the Rule provided that the covered entity has met the reasonable safeguards and minimum necessary requirements. For example, if these requirements are met, doctors offices may use waiting room sign-in sheets, hospitals may keep patient charts at bedside, doctors can talk to patients in semi-private rooms, and doctors can confer at nurse's stations without fear of violating the rule if overheard by a passerby.


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