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A great addition to the Scheduler is the

Dymo LabelWriter 400. We incorporated
this product into the new Scheduler thus allowing the printing of appointment cards
at the desk top.

This is a very effective way to give your

patients a more professional view of your office.

Dymo printed cards are neat, compact,

and cost effective. No more hand written appointment cards.

This printer does not use ribbons or ink.

It works on the thermal method. That
means no messy supplies and quiet
fast printing.

The appointment cards are on a roll and
are similar to the thickness of a movie

ticket. Each roll contains 300 cards.

We can program you Logo and business

name so each card has the professional

appearance you want.

New! Just want the printer only.

If you are using Eclipse and want to print appointment cards without the Scheduler

we have a two key click solution for you.

Call us fro more info.


  •  Low purchase price
  • Low maintenance cost
  • No messy supplies
  • Compact and quiet
  • Small footprint
  • Instant printing
  • Multi purpose
  • Extremely Professional

Your office will run more efficiently and
look more professional when you use our



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The Twin has all the same properties of the single except that it can print  two different labels at the same.

For example:

  • Side #1: Print Appointment cards.

  • Side#2: Print labels for other needs.

Note: Dymo has a large variety of label     
         styles & sizes to choose from.


With this printer you will be able to print
labels for charts,  xrays, envelopes, and
even postage for mail in addition to the
patient appointment cards


  System includes the Dymo software for
  template design.


   Prints both appointment cards and
   labels with one single desktop printer.

   Extremely versatile, quiet, and
   maintenance  free.


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