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Eliminate Mistakes in Patient Sign-In

The Magnetic Card I.D. System is the ultimate in professional presentation.

If you want to make your office "Stand Out" this is what you need.

The patient I.D. Card is similar in size to credit card. It is made from

the same PVC as the standard credit card. We custom make cards just
for your office. Each design includes your full color logo and office location
information. Each card contains a special serial number that is encoded
into a magnetic strip on the back. This number is used to identify the
person when swiped thru the reader.


The card does not contain any patient information.

The I.D.Card must be used with Visual Scheduler and the

Electronic Signature System.

How does it work?

When issued to a patient the I.D. Card is swiped and the serial number is
read and then recorded.  This number is assigned to the individual patient.
Each time the patient arrives for their appointment, he or she swipes the
card at the desk which reads and logs the I.D. code. If the code is valid

the Electronic Sign Pad wakes up and prompts for a signature.

When the signature is completed a signal is sent to the Scheduler that a

patient has arrived. This in turn will locate the correct appointment and
change its color to the "Arrived  Color". This is your notice of an arrival.

The process is completely automated and does not require any assistance
from the office staff.





  • Extremely Professional
  • Full Color Custom Designed Cards
  • Easy to Use
  • Builds Patient Confidence
  • No staff assistance required
  • Mistake Free Sign In
  • Interfaces with Scheduler & Sign Pad
  • Automatic log of time and date

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