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Ansi 4.0 Standard

Electronic Data Interchange is a software interface program  that
transmits your medical claims directly to BlueCross-BlueShield.

It will work with any software the generates a file for electronic

claims submission.


Most medical software programs do no directly transmit electronic
claims.This is because the standards are different with the various
insurance providers. This EDI Software program is for transmitting
claims to BlueCross-BlueShield of Florida. It is also used in the state

of Connecticut for submission to BlueCross-BlueShield.


What does it do?


Electronic Claims Exchange takes the file that was generated by

your software and transmits this data file to BCBS using protocols

specific to BCBS proprietary standards and waits for the acceptance

response from the insurance providers server. If there are any errors
in transmission they are sent back in a rejected file. The accepted
claims are sent back in an acknowledged file.

  •  Simple and Easy to Use  
  • Supports Multiple Identities.
  •  Creates a Printable Log File.
  •  Auto Modem Detection and Setup.
  •  Automated Send / Receive Function.

Will work with any file created for electronic claim submission by any
software.Simple to install requiring only a few  fields to be completed.

If you plan to do direct Electronic Billing to BlueCross

you NEED this program to transmit your claim file.     

Questions? Give us a call (904) 762-1313  (M-F 9:00- 5:00 est)


   Process the following BCBS Data Types:


  • Health Care - Claim Status Request
  • Health Care - Claim Status Response
  • Health Care Claim /Payment Advice
  • Health Care Claim
  • Interchange Acknowledgement
  • Functional Acknowledgement
  • Rejects




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