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Reserved for Future use

Server Edition

License Key software to unlock our

software when using multiple products.

This Software is required when using two
    or more of our products at the same time.


Includes USB Hardware Key

It allows several of our products to share
one  software key, rather than having a
single key for each.

-6 months limited free support-


Multi-Product License Key

This software is required when you are using two or more of our products. It combines the license of each product into a single unit to simplify the key management process.


You have purchased the Visual Scheduler and the

Sign Pad (two products)


You have purchased one of our software packages in the past but now you want to
add an additional product and run the on
the same system using a single Key.


Under these circumstances you must use the
Multi-Product License Key software.

You do not need the Multi-Key product if you do not intend to run more than one of our products on the same system.

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