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The Stand-Alone version of Visual Scheduler is for those offices

that do not have Eclipse Practice Management software as their

main office system.

  This version has all the same features as the Eclipse version
  but includes it's own database for storing the appointments,
  providers and signatures. It does not require any additional 


  • Runs independently, does not require any additional
  • Self contained database
  • Interfaces with the Sign Pad, Mag Card and Biometric
  • Full Screen Views by Day or Week
  • Advance thru Providers quickly
  • Shows multiple providers on one screen
  • Enhanced graphics for easy viewing
  • Color coded appointments types with custom time spans

Most medical software packages provide some type of a patient
scheduler. Many are poor in design simply because they do not

put much effort into it. Almost 80% of those polled wanted a
better way to schedule appointments, especially when it came
to making appontments for more than one provider at a time.
The second most requested item was an easy way to  make
changes and re-scheduling.

Visual Scheduler Stand-Alone is the answer. It is the result of
years of  listening to our customer. Visual Scheduler was
developmed to answer those requests. We have incorporated
the  features most wanted and added ease of use and simplicity
of learning.

 Standard Features:

  Customized so each day will show only  those providers that
  are available.
  On-screen views for a single Day or a full Week.

  Single or multiple providers.

  Color coded appointments

  Preprogram appointment specific time lengths.

  Apply reminders or block out time for special events
  'On the Fly' .

  Bulletin Board section for storing informal daily notes .

  Prints Day Sheets, Chart Pull Sheets, Fee Slips, Statistical
  Reports, Appointment Cards, and Appointment Calendar


  Appointments can be made in less than 5 seconds

  when patient is in database.

  Reschedule with a few mouse clicks.
  Move an appointment with the "Drag & Drop" feature.

 screen shots >>

                        screen shots >>

Appointment functions:

  • Enter 
  • Edit 
  • Delete                    
  • Move
  • Reschedule
  • Cancel
  • Complete
  • Arrived

Direct access to Patient Appointment History with
    a Look-up Table. Quickly access by I.D.#, first, or
    last name. Shows all past and future appointments
    along with comments.  Prints a  history report of
    selected past appointments or print a full page
    calendar with highlighted future appointments daily
    listing with check box.


     The Elcetronic Signature Pad captures the Patient
    signature electronically. This signature is stored in
    a daily file for archive purposes thus eliminating the
    paper & clipboard forever.

    The Dymo Label Writer printer allows you  to print
    next Appointment Cards at the desktop. Professional
    looking, cost effective and efficient. Programmed to
    print your Logo and business at no extra charge. The
    Dual printer will also print labels for your charts, folders,

    and anything that nedds a label.


   Magnetic  Stripe  Patient I.D.Card is the ultimate
   in professional presentation. An impressive yet simple

   system. Each patient is issued a custom designed  I.D.

   card that contains a magnetic strip which is encoded with

   a specialized number. With this card the patient simply

   "Swipes"  it and "Signs In". 

   Similar to a credit card, but, does not contain any
   patient information on the encoded strip.

    Presentation is top level with this system. The Magnetic

    Card I.D. system represents your business as "Top notch


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