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Question:  Do I need to create a new patient database for the scheduler?

Answer:    No. Visual Scheduler uses the current Eclipse™ Database.


Question:  How many group schedules can I set up?

Answer:    You can have up to 6 separator group schedules.


Question:  Can I have different providers for each day of the week?

Answer:     Yes! You can have different providers each day of the week.  

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   Question:  Can I set special working hours for part-time technicians?

   Answer:    Yes! Individual working hours are set for each provider.


   Question:   Can I print Fee Slips?

   Answer:      Yes! You can print Fee Slips "On the Fly".

   Question:   Does your program "Patch" Eclipse?                                                

   Answer:      No.Visual Scheduler is an Companion program.

   Question:  Can I color code appointment types?

   Answer:     Yes! Each appointment type can have its own color.

   Question:  Can I print Fee Slips for the Scheduler?

   Answer:     Yes! You can also print Statistics, Day sheets and more.

   Question:  Does the Electronic Sign-In Pad store the signatures?

   Answer:    The signatures are stored in the patient file in Eclipse.™

   Question:   Can I print out all the signatures for the day?

   Answer:    Yes! You can print all the signatures for the day.

   Question:  Is the Sign Pad included with the Scheduler?

   Answer:    The pad itself is additional. Manual capture code is built in.

   Question:  Can I purchase the Sign-In Pad without the Scheduler?

   Answer:     Yes! Several models are available.

   Question:  Can I modify the body of the Fee Slip:

   Answer:     Yes! The header cannot be altered.

   Question:  How can I identify a new patient on the scheduler?

   Answer:     New patients have a special Icon displayed in the appointment.

   Question:  Can I run the Scheduler with Terminal Services for multiple offices?

   Answer:    Yes! You can even set up separator schedules for the remote locations.

   Question:  What are FairCom Drivers and why do I need them?

   Answer:     Fair com Drivers are required to access the Eclipse Database.

   Question:  Where can I get the FairCom Drivers?

   Answer:     They are purchased from GalacTek™ the Eclipse™ people.

   Question:  Is the Scheduler HIPAA compliant?

   Answer:     Yes! No personal information is displayed.

   Question:  Does the Scheduler work with other software?

   Answer:    Presently the Scheduler only interfaces with Eclipse™.

                    (A stand alone version is comming soon)  

   Question:  Can I print appointment cards from the Scheduler?

   Answer:     Yes! The Dymo printer interfaces with it.

   Question:   Do you sell the Dymo appointment card printer?

   Answer:     Yes! We also stock the supplies.


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